Women Economic Empowerment is part of the activities being facilitated by POD of ECWA. This particular empowerment initiative was supported by a well-inspired individual to enable 1- identified widows from five target Communities to increase their income by 10 percent annually, beginning from 2020. The program which is a pilot scheme was facilitated in Kwoi, Fadan Kagoma, Kurmin Musa, Kafanchan and Manchock Communities in the southern part of Kaduna state, in the Middle Belt of Nigeria. The sum of N20,000.00 was given to each of the widows to purchase two piglets (male and femal) and feeds for a start. Since then, they have continued to receive support towards rearing of the pigs especially in the areas of feeding and vetenary services.

Aside the pig business, a widow from Lamingo, Jos, was also trained in tailoring organized by the Rukuba Barracks and facilitated by the Industrial Training Fund(ITF). After the training, the widow was presented with an industrail machine worth over One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) to start a business.

The beneficiaries were full of gratitude to God and the spirited individual for giving them hope of survival in the prevails economic hardship being experienced in the country. According to their testimonies, it never occurred to them that they could own a piglet talk less of two at a time/ The widow who got a sewing machine could not hold her tears of joy after receiving her gift. They prayed God to bless POD, replenish their sources of funding for the project and urged that they project be extended to other widows who are in need,

Below are some of the photographs during the graduation ceremony organized for the new tailors showing the presentation of certificates by the wife of the GOC, Maxwell Korbe Cantonment, Rukuba Barracks, Jos.

Presentation of Certificates and Gifts to participants