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POD Philosophy:

The main focus of POD’s programme is the development of people, which can be attained by their full participation in decision-making, implementation and evaluation, thus building their capacity to be self-reliant. POD believes that people are knowledgeable especially of their own environment and the things that concern them.

The strategy of effecting community-based development at the grass root is through the empowerment of Community Development Committees (CDC) who pioneers development initiatives in their various communities. This thus makes the approach bottom-up and not top-down. In our approach, we use different Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) techniques to enter community, raise awareness, learn carry out need assessment, decision-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their dream realized.

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Prior to the formation of POD in 1989, ECWA Rural Development and ECWA Community Health Programme were ministering especially to the rural poor through the diffusion theory of innovation. By the mid 1980s, a member of evolutions revealed that these two departments were not really meeting the numerous needs of these rural poor. This was due to the ineffectiveness of their strategy and the down turn of the Nigerian economy...